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Project Support Required

Producing high quality documentary films is an expensive endeavour. Support from foundations, organizations and private donors enable the making of these projects. While we have made our documentaries available for screening and distribution, as yet we have not recovered our costs on any film.

Despite high production costs, our dedicated team is in the process of making the following:

Genocide Revealed (Spanish Version)

Genocide Revealed (Russian Version)

Every little bit helps! I support the making of historical documentary films by award-winning filmmaker Yurij Luhovy.

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Interview with his Excellency Levko Lukianenko, former Ukrainian ambassador to Canada.

Interview with Ivan Drach, poet,

former member of Ukraine’s Parliament

Award-winning filmmaker Yurij Luhovy

Researching in the film archives in Kyiv.

Genocide Revealed (English)

Окрадена Земля (Ukrainian)

Береза Картузька (Ukrainian)

Bereza Kartuzka (English)

2x Ukrainians in Quebec (English)

Award-winning documentaries, produced and directed by filmmaker Yurij Luhovy, were made possible with the support of the following foundations, organizations and private donations. Your generosity and understanding of their importance is truly appreciated. Special thank you to:

Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko

Caisse Populaire Desjardins Ukrainienne de Montreal

Ukrainian Genocide Foundation, Chicago

Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies

The Temerty Family Foundation

Wolodymyr George Danyliw Foundation

Zaraska Family Foundation

Prosvita Lachine

Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM), Montreal

Ukrainian National Federation, Montreal

BCU Foundation, Toronto

Prometheus Foundation, Toronto

ukrainian studies foundation of british columbia

and others.

Thank you!

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      I am turning to you to help support the saving and restoration of exceptional, historic material pertaining to the first International Conference held in Montreal on the Famine-Genocide of 1933-33 in the early 1980’s. Once completed, I plan to put these speakers and interviews on YouTube for easy public access.

    The all-day Conference was held at UQAM University, organized by Prof. Roman Serbyn.

Among the international speakers that participated were Dr. James Mace, Nina Strokata-Karavanska, Prof. Vsevelod Isajiw, Prof. Yurij Shevelov, Dr. Bohdan Krawchenko, Marco Carynnyk, Prof. Roman Serbyn and others, each speaking on a different aspect of the Famine-Genocide. In addition interviews were held with Montreal famine survivors.

     At that time, these speakers were filmed on UMATIC ¾” videotape.  Unfortunately, this format is discontinued and our community risks losing these archives, which are currently in a very fragile state. This entails transferring the UMATIC tapes, doing color correction to keep the quality of the original taping. The project will cost about $20,000.       

    This is invaluable material, a remarkable record of how the diaspora was at the forefront in studying and exposing the Famine-Genocide. 

This project will also help give added insight to what is happening in Eastern Ukraine today.

               Thank you for your support!

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